Strategy and Program Development

Thriving Solutions’ strategic consulting and coaching services are focused on food security and urban food systems. We are passionate about ensuring that food systems are nutritious, safe, affordable, regenerative, circular, stable, equitable, sustainable and resilient.

Training & Capacity Development

Utilizing an interactive approach, we offer a full spectrum of training, mentoring and coaching services, designed for practitioners, development staff, policy makers, executive leaders, board members, advocates, social entrepreneurs, students and engaged citizens.

Communicating Sustainability Effectively

Thriving Solutions offers a multi-disciplinary approach that relies on research to understand your target audience and appropriate messages, as well as capture and communicate your wins and impact stories. This includes developing targeted communication strategies and multi-media assets that celebrate your milestones and achievements, localizing your brand through technical translation of your communication and technical material. We work with your communication/marketing company as a technical backstop to ensure the technical accuracy and relevance of your sustainability campaigns. We also organize targeted events highlighting special milestones and successes.

ESG Support & Aligning to the SDGs

A circular regenerative economy is a nature-based model that is believed to be our only way towards a sustainable and equitable future. Switching to a circular and regenerative economy promises to address many of the major environmental challenges we face today while delivering extensive social and economic benefits. A circular regenerative economy approach is the key to delivering on the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Agenda and Goals (SDGs).

Partnerships & Business Development

Building effective partnerships that are in line with organizations’ culture and vision. Our focus is on representing international, regional and local companies, to provide innovative solutions that advance local sustainable, equitable and resilient food systems.