Utilizing an interactive approach, we offer a full spectrum of training, mentoring and coaching services, designed for practitioners, development staff, policy makers, executive leaders, board members, advocates, social entrepreneurs, students and engaged citizens.

Our offerings include workshop style trainings, virtual training sessions, as well as ongoing coaching and consultation services.

All offerings from Thriving Solutions will be available in English and Arabic, including any technical educational products.

Training and Capacity Development services include but are not limited to:


Specialized virtual and In-house trainings and tailored workshops.


Develop specialized in-house guidelines, standard operating procedures and training manuals.


Short term and Long term mentoring and coaching services for all stakeholders.


Arabization of educational documentations, principle documents, talks and online training as needed.


Executive Sourcing of experts in the agri-food domain for long-term in-house support.


Support clients through retainer-based engagements