‘Thriving Solutions’ strategic consulting and coaching services are focused on food security and urban food systems. We are passionate about ensuring that food systems are nutritious, safe, affordable, circular,  regenerative, stable, equitable, sustainable and resilient. We partner with governments, for-profit and non-profit institutions and development programs, to help understand the challenges, define the vision and deliver impactful interventions in food policy, to create a circular regenerative economy in food system management. Our aim is to help shape food systems in ways that improve the lives of people and advance sustainable cities, while ensuring the sustainability of the natural environment. Our key areas of interest: healthy diets, design out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use to the furthest extent, and regenerating natural ecosystems. 

Strategic consulting services Include:


Develop strategies, road maps and action plans, including facilitating work groups to finalize shared visions, interventions, as well as monitoring and evaluation frameworks.


Review policy to identify current status, gaps, synergies, and trade-offs. Recommend and develop policies towards an enabling policy and regulatory environment.


Conduct quantitative and qualitative research to understand challenges, issues, drivers, gaps, trends, barriers to change, incentives and opportunities. This includes rapid impact evaluations of promising urban food interventions, program evaluations to draw lessons learned. 


Carry feasibility studies along with formulating implementable programs and interventions that deliver impact.


Implement country and institution level audits to identify waste hotspots and causes, interventions and solutions.


Identify and engage potential partners, facilitate building the required alliances, advancing urban food investment.


Support clients through retainer-based engagements