A circular regenerative economy is an innovative approach to align to the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Agenda and Goals (SDGs). It’s adoption allows institutions to meet SDG targets as it advances several positive socio-economic environmental impacts.

Thriving Solutions helps organizations along the food value chain to embed the principles of circularity and regenerating nature within the business model and organizational culture, as well as carry the necessary measurements and reporting to communicate its achievements and tie it to the SDGs.

We know that not all SDGs relate to all businesses but we have the knowledge to find the appropriate circular regenerative food system targets to incorporate within each individual business strategy.

Sustainability in Circular Food Systems related services include but are not limited to:


Develop strategic sustainability plans and strategies to embed within company’s ethos.
Formulate and identify KPIs.


Prepare necessary documents and reporting in a transparent manner.


Promote local partnerships with institutions, schools,  academia, government and NGOs to achieve society related goals.


Develop a communication strategy to build relationships with key sustainable stakeholders.