Thriving Solutions offers a multi-disciplinary approach that relies on research and adoption of best practices to solve identified problems. Through reviewing key policies and laws, identifying barriers and incentives, establishing alliances, building capacity, and behavioural change strategies, we ensure delivery of effective campaigns that motivate institutions and people to adopt sustainable and healthy behaviors.

We develop and oversee the implementation and delivery of a 360ﹾ behavioural marketing strategies that is built upon the 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) and the three pressure points (People, Physical Environment and Process). This increases the impact of campaigns and marketing programs.

Advocacy and Outreach Services include but not limited to:


Marketing Research to assess knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and identify barriers and incentives to change.


Develop an advocacy and  behavioral communication strategy to build relationship with stakeholders and celebrate achievements. 


Supervise marketing, communications and creative implementation when third parties are involved. Program Evaluation.


Conduct program evaluations to draw lessons learned. Capture and celebrate successful case studies.